Performance Management

Lets do something different

In its various guises, this has been a source of debate and concern within organisation for the last 40 years at least. Even now there are many who question the value of what is often viewed as a “paper chase” And the use of technology simply does nothing to tackle the underlying problems.

It’s a shared responsibility

Everything we have learned is that the traditional cascade approach doesn’t work. That’s why we put employees at the centre of the process.

Make it happen.

There are many ways we can work together on this. If you want something unique designed, we can help. Equally if you have an urgent requirement you may find our performance management package is ideal. Either way we would like to work with you. Why not get in touch.

Service Details


Effective performance management is one of the major drivers for success. Executives and managers need to align staff with the key activities and goals of the organisation. We can help you design and implement a process that ensures this happens.

Employees need to understand how they contribute to the greater whole; the specifics of what they must deliver are the base line for any performance management process. The “What” aspect is perhaps the easier to design and manage. However, it is the “How” that captures the behavioural competencies need to deliver high performance.

We design performance management processes and train managers and staff to use them. We can also provide you with links to other processes such as pay progression, succession planning and training and development.

You have a choice of approach: standard or bespoke design. If you would like to discuss a bespoke approach with us, please click here. Otherwise details of our package is shown below:


The Performance Management Package

The designer of this package has over 25 years’ experience is this area of expertise. This means what you get is a tried and tested combination covering the following:

Documentation Templates covering the full cycle of activities. This enables you to customise the documentation to your needs.

A draft policy document and set of procedures. This includes guides for managers and employees

A set of 10 behavioural competencies, fully described with levels defined making it easy for employees to understand what is required and for managers to assess.

A one-day on-site training session for up to 12 managers. This equips them with a full understanding of the process and how to get the most out of it. 

A training package comprising a set of PowerPoint slides and accompanying text. This gives you the resource you need to run in-house briefing and training sessions.


Why choose this?

This enables you to introduce performance management within a very short time frame without the need to reinvent the wheel.


Who is it for?

Any organisation that is time and resource constrained in their HR Function but have an urgent need to introduce performance management.