Understand what you have and identify what you need

Imagine being able to determine the profile of the individual you want to join your organisation and setting up an on-line assessment in just a few minutes. With all analysis and reporting being done for you what could be easier.

What is it you are seeking to do?

There tend to be three scenarios we face regularly. In some instances, it is about trying to inform important selection decisions in others its about getting a good fit with the existing team or helping people to become more effective.

Identifying the best approach

If it’s about selection, please refer to the PXT below. For team fit try the PPI. And if its effectiveness use Checkpoint 360. We would love to discuss this with you. Why not get in touch.

Service Details

We offer three main assessment tools:

The PXT which is a total person assessment that has a myriad of uses. Delivered and completed on-line, it is convenient and easy to use. It measures job-related qualities that make a person productive, including:

  • Learning Index
  • Verbal Skill
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Ability
  • Numeric Reasoning
  • Behaviour Traits
  • Occupational Interests

The PXT uses a performance profile to show how each person being assessed compares to the “ideal” profile for their role. Each assessment comes with a range of reports that support selection, coaching and succession planning. With this assessment process. you will be able to compare multiple candidates against the profile for a given role.

The web-based administration system we provide to you enables you to develop these patterns and re-calibrate them as often as you wish. The same system enables you to distribute the assessments, gather the data and analyse and produce reports.



Employees don't come with instruction manuals and if they did would you really have the time to read them all?

The PPI is used to identify the significant behavioural tendencies and the preferred working style of your staff; it explains how they and you use this knowledge to improve performance.

This tool measures behavioural tendencies in five critical job related competencies:

  • Productivity
  • Quality of Work
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving

The PPI provides recommendations for improvement in several areas and helps you understand how the individual handles work-related issues such as job-related stress, frustration and conflict.

The PPI Indicator gives you the information you need to motivate your people. In effect, it tells you which buttons to press.


The Checkpoint 360

Quick, easy to use and based on solid research this is an assessment process you will have up and running within a few days.

The Checkpoint 360° Competency Feedback System is a feedback process that provides participants with an opportunity to receive an appraisal of their competency profile from the people around them - their boss (or bosses), peers and people they manage.

From this feedback, participants compare the opinions of others with their own perceptions, positively identify their strengths, and pinpoint the areas that could be improved. Individual reports are produced that highlight key development needs. Year-on-year comparisons are also available.

This assessment has been successfully used in the following sectors: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public, Food and Drink, On-line Marketing, Financial Services and Food Production.

We also offer optional feedback sessions that are delivered by trained and experienced coaches.


For the first year with both the PXT and the PPI we manage the whole process for you as part of the assessment fee. In subsequent years, we will provide you with access to the online administration system for a small annual fee which we will offset against the cost of assessments you purchase.

For the Checkpoint 360 we set-up the assessments and generate the reports as part of the assessment fee.



For each assessment purchased the distribution and assessment process is completed on-line and a detailed report is produced and distributed in pdf format. You can purchase any number of assessments at one time and there are volume discounts if you purchase more than 10 assessments. When you purchase the assessments, we will ask you for some basic information so that we can set-up and distribute the assessments on your behalf.



This works in the same way as the process for the PXT


Why choose this?

Use the PXT and/or PPI as part of your selection, coaching or succession planning activities.


Who is it for?

Any organisation of any scale.


The Checkpoint 360

Each assessment is distributed on-line and we produce the report and email that to you in pdf format. If required, we can provide one or more experienced coaches who can undertake feedback sessions for you. As for both the PXT and PPI you can purchase any number of assessments at one time and there are volume discounts if you purchase more than 10 assessments. When you purchase the assessments, we will ask you for some basic information so that we can set-up and distribute the assessments on your behalf.


Why choose this?

The Checkpoint 360 is a very effective basis for identifying the development needs of supervisors and line managers. We strongly recommend that you use one of our coaches to handle the feedback sessions. However, if you have in-house coaching expertise they will find the Checkpoint 360 very easy to work with.


Who is it for?

Any organisation of any size that is interested in developing the effectiveness of its supervisors or line managers.

The Checkpoint 360 is also useful to independent coaches who require a detailed, easy to administer and cost-effective 360 assessment tool.