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Its often said that you don’t know how good your processes are until they come under sustained pressure. If you are finding your reward and recognition processes are beginning to creak get in touch. Sometimes a minor change can bring significant benefits.

Lots of options

We can help you address your agenda by providing a choice of tried and tested packages or by designing something that is unique to you.

Which is best for you

Much depends on the skill set you have and how quickly you want to complete the work. We are used to developing bespoke. However, many of our clients don’t have dedicated reward expertise and the HR staff they have a fully stretched. In these instances, our packages work well and are very cost-effective. Why not get in touch and we can help you decide the best way forward.

Service Details

What we offer you

Our range of services and packages cover reward and recognition strategy, policies, processes, governance, advice and support.


Reward Strategy

Developing a reward and recognition strategy helps ensure that reward policies are consistent with what you are trying to achieve. Taking a Total Reward perspective helps to broaden out what reward and recognition is and how it dovetails with other areas of Human Resources. If this is something you are trying to do, we can help. Typically, the process begins with a review of organisation strategy followed by consultation sessions with key stakeholders. Alongside these there is a requirement to analyse what you offer, how consistent you are in applying that, and how this compares with relevant pay markets. Our Reward Health Check is a means of gathering, analysing and presenting this type of assessment.


Reward Health Check

It is often helpful to obtain an independent, objective assessment of your reward policies and practice.  Any of the following are good indicators that Indicators that this should be done: difficulties recruiting to certain types of role; problems getting people to accept internal moves, increasing levels of employee turnover; declining levels of employee engagement; recurring negative feedback from stakeholders; concerns over equal pay, high levels of job evaluation activity; salary or grade drift etc.

Our approach involves data gathering and analysis, taking internal and external perspectives; reviewing your current policies; consulting with key stakeholders; and preparing and providing you with detailed feedback.

If you would like to complete a Reward Health Check please click here.


Designing Base Pay

Job evaluation and job family frameworks normally link closely to base pay. Getting a structure that feels right and is affordable is where we can help. Its best to complete an assessment of your current pay practice before identifying other options. Most of our clients appreciate our least cost, best fit approach. However, we can also provide a wide range of up to date market data to help improve your competitive position if that is necessary.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our consultants, please click here and we will call you back.



Market practice indicates that variable pay is quite prevalent in the UK. The often-unanswered question is does it work? Getting incentives right is about following a set of core principles that include control over outcomes, measurability, fit with values etc. Frequency is also important but this tends to link to the level of the role. Many incentive programmes are really share in success arrangements rather than incentives. In these circumstances money might well be better invested in an employee recognition programme. We offer you an assessment of your current practice, a discussion on what you are trying to achieve, market analysis, incentive design and help with employee communications.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please click here. 


Employee Recognition

With a strong link to employee engagement this is a key area for any organisation. Research has shown that by giving regular recognition to employees many of the key levers of employee engagement are triggered. We can help by helping you identify what you want your recognition programme and processes to achieve. That will lead to a preferred design and we can work with you to put that into action.

If you would like to discuss this further, please click here.


Job Evaluation

Our methodology has been developed and refined over an extended period. Applied in many different sectors of the economy and by widely different sizes of organisation since 2000 confirms the quality, robustness and value of what we provide. We offer a range of options – standard set of factors; limited customisation; and bespoke design.

If you would like purchase one of our packages, click here. Each package includes at least one-day on-site job evaluation training programme and twelve month’s telephone support from a JE expert.

If you would like a bespoke process designed to fit your culture and values, we can also help. Please click here and one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your needs.


Job Family Frameworks

These are used by our clients for a range of purposes. For some it is about organisation design, for others it’s about clarifying career routes. Many use frameworks to reduce job evaluation activity; others try to provide greater transparency and engagement. Whatever your requirements we can help. Please click here and one of our consultants will call to discuss your requirements.


Job Analysis

We help you to analyse and define the roles in your organisation. Literally this could be a single job or many hundreds of them. If you prefer to do the analysis yourselves we can help by designing the approach, providing guidance notes, delivering training, reviewing and critiquing what is produced. Equally if you prefer to outsource the entire project we can help.


Pay Market Data

Getting access to up to date market data whether on base pay, variable pay or benefits is an essential element of maintaining competitive reward policies. Through our commercial arrangements, we can obtain market data on your behalf and help you interpret it for your own needs.

If you would like to get access to comprehensive, up to date information on base or variable pay or benefits please click here.


Equal Pay Audit

If you are committed to ensuring fairness and equity in your reward practice you will find equal pay audits very helpful. Our approach enables us to take your data and analyse it for you before presenting you with a report describing any relevant policy considerations. We use a best practice approach and can normally complete an EPA in two weeks.

If you would like to complete an equal pay audit, please click here.


Gender Pay Reporting

The need to complete and publish a Gender Pay Report is becoming more pressing. Why not let us take on the challenge of analysing your data and compiling your Gender Pay Report. Please click here and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.


Provision of advice

Providing advice on reward matters is a part of virtually all our reward assignments. Sometimes that involves answering some basic questions, on other occasions the issues are more significant, weighing-up differing options, consulting with stakeholders or working with executive or remuneration committees. Whatever the circumstances we can provide you with expert advice.

To discuss your requirements and find out more about our reward advisory services please click here.


Implementation support

We are frequently asked to provide project management and implementation support for reward projects. On occasion that means working with you on a full-time basis for several weeks or months. In other circumstances, we have light touch approach where the amount and frequency of our input is much less. Regardless of the level of support you require from reward analyst to reward director we can help.

If you need this type of support, please contact us now by clicking here.


Reward Packages

What’s on offer?

There are two versions of our Job Evaluation package. The designer of each has over 25 years’ experience in this area of expertise:

Standard Factors where we provide you with access to a standard set of evaluation factors and spend one day onsite with you train you how to use the evaluation methodology while helping you to evaluate some of your jobs. This is all covered by the initial fee. We also complete all processing and produce reports on your behalf and there is a small annual recurring charge for this and the right to continue to use the methodology. We have a web portal under development at present and this enable you to be entirely self-sufficient. We will provide you with access to this at no additional cost if you are an existing subscriber.

Customised this is based on the standard package but we work with you to make some basic changes to meet your specific needs. This will be restricted to changing the text descriptors of the evaluation factors, perhaps adding or removing levels etc. Otherwise this is the same as the standard package although we spend two days onsite with you to ensure the methodology meets your needs.